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在平常的工作中,发现大多数的企业网站的改版都只是针对着整体的设计、系统功能。另外还有不少的网络企业在网站改版的时候忽略了之前的对已有流量的保持,有些之前就做过优化的网站中的文章没有进行保留,从而使得改版后的网站在搜索引擎中大大降低。 现在要



 In the usual work, found that most of the company's Web site revision just for the overall design, the system functions. There are also a lot of Internet companies in the website version of the neglect of maintaining the existing traffic before, some done before the optimization of the site in the article no reservations, so that the new website in search engines greatly lower.

  Now to be noted that, for many large and small business sites, revised website is equivalent to the second reconstruction, website plays a vital role in the success. The key site revision, not only to cover the foreground website design, function module design, part design, database design, and more importantly, there now search engine optimization ideas combined inside.
        Construction site in Beijing at the same site revision must pay attention to several points, the first point is the navigation bar to a reasonable arrangement, in-depth analysis of the client's industry, among them industry characteristics, customer characteristics, customer needs. The second point is necessary site specific implementation plan revision effective communication with customers to determine the specific details of the website version of each. The revised promptly corrected and revised functional column is not reasonable or deficiencies, guaranteed to satisfy all the needs of the target user.
   It should be noted here that the company's image display must be in place, although the site has a comprehensive business presentation, but if the viewer can not see here is of no use, while the revision must be noted that the intangible tangible in every precise about the website image display your site. In short, the company's Web site plan from the user point of view the problem, and theoretical basis for the development of information symmetry, organic integration of information technology into every corner of the site, creating a strong technical atmosphere. To carry out the company's services business to explore more customer information.
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